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If you are looking for an amazing, incredible, well-adjusted, adorable puppy...we can help! We bred our 3 year old beautiful dam Dazzle to the amazing International and UK Champion Reagan. Puppies are to be born between April 11th and 13th and puppies 8 weeks old around June 6th-8th.   We are now taking deposits for these puppies.  See photos of puppies from our 2012 Memorial Day litter and hear what families are saying who adopted them here.

What makes our puppies unique?

...International Championship bloodlines; parents have clearances for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes; bio sensory therapy on puppies from 3-16 days of age, raised in our home with lots of love and attention, 2 year Pet Guarantee; vet-checked at 6 weeks; and crate and potty training in process before they go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age! We love our puppies and we are looking for just the right families to adopt one of our puppies who are looking to add a new member to their family.

Check out the latest photos of our last litter.

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Taking Crystal home as a puppy...she's a sweetie!


Crystal loves to participate in all of our family activities!

About our puppies...


  • Our puppies are raised in our home and are held and played with from birth. They leave for their new home very socialized, loved on, and use to household noises and activities. We take photos of each puppy so that their new owner will have a personalized photo album of their newly adopted puppy to show all of their friends and family.
The puppies begin to nurse immediately after birth. At three to four weeks, the puppies begin to taste mushy puppy food mixed with yogurt and filtered water or a special rice pudding and are gradually weaned from mama. By the time the puppy goes home, they will be able to eat puppy food and drink water without the need for nursing.
  •  We work very hard at keeping the puppies' sleeping area clean from their wastes. We begin paper training at three weeks to begin the housebreaking process. By six weeks, we begin putting them in pairs in crates so that they will get use to being in their own crate in their new home at night or in the day time when they are not eating or playing. We also separate them for about 30 minutes by themselves away from the litter during the day so that they can begin to gain a level of confidence on their own.  Several of our puppies have been selected for Therapetics or Guide Dog programs because of their levels of confidence.

  • Prancer/Madoc: starting out at 8 weeks to train to be a therapeutics dog                         Four other pups adopted by Guide-Dogs of California. Check out the latest article on Madoc!

  • Oct 2010: Prancer/Madoc from Crystal's 2009 Christmas Litter: training to be a therapeutics dog and doing FABULOUS!

  • At six weeks, each puppy is wormed, inoculated, weighed, and given its health certificate by our veterinarian. We recommend a limited vaccination schedule, weight limits ,and provide each family with a comprehensive “how to care for your new puppy” packet.
  • At eight weeks, puppies may go to their new homes. Puppies may be crated and sent via the airlines for an additional fee (approximately $375.00) beginning at eight weeks.

What comes with our new puppy?
Our pet puppies are sold on AKC "limited registration" basis with a 2-year warranty covering health which means we guarantee that any PET puppy can function as a pet. We take special care through our health clearances to prevent any hereditary defects, but in the extremely unusual case that your pet is prevented from being a pet due to severe hip dysplasia, blindness, etc, then we will replace your puppy with a new one.

  • Certified pedigree.
  • Veterinarian health certificate.
  • Feeding recommendations and training tips.
  • Collar, chew toy, and small baggy of current puppy food.
  • The adoption fee is $1,800.00

What do we bring on the day of pickup?

  • Final payment in cash, bank check, money order made payable to Maria Crosby, or Paypal before arrivng.
  • Crate for your new puppy to travel home in; and if traveling a long distance, bring a bowl for water and a leash.

Recommended Reading Before Your New Puppy Comes Home

If you have children and you're wanting to adopt a puppy, this would be a great book to read.

  • Please, Oh Please, Can We Get A Dog?: Parents Guide to Dog Ownership by Cheryl Peterson

ISBN: 0-7645-7297-0
These are a couple of other great books to read as well for puppy raising and dog behavior.

  • Super Puppy   by Vollmer/Mykelbust
  • Dog Training for Dummies  by Volhard/Volhard
  • How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With  by Rutherford/Neil

Here's a site that gives the "How to" for crate training 

Check out these articles on how to build confidence in your puppy: Sit Happens , Dog Channel.com, and Canine Concepts.

What are the differences between an English Golden Retriever and an American Golden Retriever?

Check out this great articlethat explains the heritage of the Golden Retriever and the difference between the American Golden Retriever and the English or British Golden Retriever.


We are current members of Golden Retrievers Club of America,  Mile High Golden Retreiver Club, and Therapy Dogs Inc.




Next Day Pets

In memory of Diamond, our beloved American Golden Retriever.

We began breeding Golden Retrievers with Diamond, our American Golden (right).  She tragically passed away at the age of four on October 22, 2008, after incurring a severe injury to her side.  She never fully recovered from surgery.  Diamond produced three beautiful litters of puppies.  Three of her puppies were adopted by guide dog agencies in Texas and California and are being trained to assist the blind.  She will be loved and remembered dearly by her family and the many families that are enjoying her puppies.

How it all began...

We adopted our first Golden Retriever, Diamond, from Two Rivers, Wisconsin, as a Christmas gift for our son and daughter. Boy! Were they surprised when we told them we had an early Christmas gift under the tree for them and a little ball of fur climbed out of the gift bag! They were speechless! Earlier we told them we were not going to get anymore pets...but when we saw this adorable puppy while on vacation, we couldn't help but adopt her, knowing how much joy she would bring to our children. This is how it all began.

Especially with our children being home schooled, we like to open up the world of learning for them through hands-on experience. We began to ask questions from other breeders how to breed her. We thought it would be a wonderful learning experience for the kids to help Diamond with a litter of puppies. At this time, we were living in Virginia Beach, VA. We bred Diamond with a beautiful red male of a smaller but stockier build and fuller hair named Rusty. On December 6, 2006, Diamond had 11 gorgeous puppies.From the moment they were born, they were held and loved on continually in our home.

We received e-mails from several of those who adopted these puppies saying how smart, well-mannered, and lovable their puppies were.

"I am thrilled we have one of your puppies and I have hopes we will have more! Therapetics loves Madoc and really were singing your
praises, and I was singing right along! I loved sharing your story with them about the missions. And of course we are your #1 fans! Our Gracie-anne is our pride and joy. We wouldn't have her without you!"       Lisa, Oklahoma

"He is beautiful and cuddly and everything we thought he would be. Thanks you so much!  He is perfect! "    Gina, New Jersey

"Cooper is adjusting well and so is Ginger! We put a paper down with a little cedar on it and both times he's gone right to the paper to go potty. What a smart boy! Thanks for the wonderful album. You put so much time and love into giving the puppies a great start. I really appreciate it."  Kathy, Virginia Beach

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did raising this litter. It was such an easy transition and all of the information you provided was so helpful. Molly is the best well adjusted puppy I have ever seen. "  Barbara, Virginia Beach

" The puppy is doing awesome.  He is really smart.  He already knows to sit and bring a toy back."  Jennifer, Virginia Beach

Why we decided to become Golden Retriever breeders...
Because our family had such a positive first-time experience with breeding, and those who adopted our puppies were so pleased with their puppies, we took a more serious look at breeding. So in addition to doing missions works overseas with our organization called  Fuel International, we now breed adorable, cuddly puppies.